Photo of Adriana Contarino Henry

Adriana Contarino Henry

Architectural Designer
Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

Adriana Contarino Henry is an Architectural Designer who joined MASS in 2021. Based out of the Poughkeepsie office, she works on the design, project management, and construction organization of projects local to the region. Some of these projects include the YOU, a community hub that brings together passionate partners located in the heart of the city, material research for the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, and 316 Main St., a mixed-use residential building that represents the history of the site. 

Prior to MASS, she graduated from Cornell University with a Masters in Architecture and the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Design. Her thesis focused on the idea that design can act as a form of preventative health to remediate toxic sites, unveiling the ways environmental degradation impacts local communities and proposing a method for collective healing.

Professionally, she has worked on a variety of projects based in Florida and New York, from restaurants to residential. Overall, her experience includes utilizing the architectural toolset for community engagement initiatives, material research, and dedication to a healthier and more inclusive built environment.