Photo of Aziz Shyaka

Architecture is not a luxury neither for certain, but moreover to be serving all the people.

Aziz Farid Shyaka

Kigali, Rwanda

Farid joined MASS in June of 2016 as a Global Health Corps design fellow. Prior to joining MASS, Farid traveled to Syracuse University for a one year exchange program at school of Architecture and later received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Rwanda School of Architecture. He professionally interned with Sharon Davis Design on the Women Opportunity Center in Kayonza, a village for vocational training and community development. Recently Farid also worked on the PIH housing awarded Best Health Architecture of 2015. Through his professional internship with Sharon Davis Design, Farid cultivated a passion of architecture for all and for a positive impact on the people its serving; which associated his interest with MASS. Currently as a Design fellow, he is working on one of the ChildFund model for a pre-primary school in Jabana.